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Know Before You Go: Library Resources for Students Doing Research Abroad: Home

A library guide to prepare students doing research and library research abroad or in a new country for the first time

Undergraduate Funding Sources for Research Abroad

Throughout the Yale University web are found excellent links for information on funding resources available to Yale University students for research abroad. Below are listed some of those links with annotations by area studies librarians as to what makes them useful and how to best utilize these links:


Current Foreign Newspapers

Visit your International Collections Librarian for Library Research Abroad

Is this your first research trip to a new country or destination outside the United States? Visit your area studies librarian in advance, before you go. Your area studies librarian can help you identify and get in contact with libraries, archives and research institutes with library collections and resources that can support your research activities while abroad that will help complement the contacts and research partners your faculty advisor helped to set up.

Not sure which area studies librarian to contact? See the following link for countries covered by the expertise of your area studies librarians in Yale University Library:

And don't forget, that you will have full access to Yale University Library's electronic resources available to you while away from campus via your VPN account and a good internet connection. In addition, don't forget scan and deliver options for print journal articles or book chapters, which can be requested online via Interlibrary Loan to be scanned and delivered to your Yale e-mail address as attachments.

Print and Online Directories of Libraries & Archives Worldwide

Conducting Research in Archives Abroad

International Collections Contacts

Anna Arays, Librarian for Slavic and East European Studies.

Roberta Dougherty, Librarian for Middle East Studies

Jana Krentz, Librarian for the Latin American & Iberian Collections, Latinx Studies

Michael Meng, Librarian for Chinese Studies

Haruko Nakamura, Librarian for Japanese Studies

Richard Richie, Librarian for Southeast Asian Studies. Interim Librarian for South Asian Studies. Librarian for African Studies

Chuck Riley, Interim Librarian for African Studies (collections only)

Nanette Stahl, Librarian for Judaic Studies

Access to Library Resources via VPN and Scan & Deliver