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Six Pretty Good X: Special Collections Assignment at Beinecke Library: Home

This course guide is intended to assist students in their Beinecke assignment for the suite of courses Six Pretty Good [Forgeries, Dogs, Heroes, Knights, Thought Experiments], taught by Professors María del Mar Galindo, Simona Lorenzini, Kathryn Slanski, Alessandro Giammei, and Jane Mikkelson during Fall term 2023 at Yale University.

Instructions for the assignment, accessing special collections items in the Beinecke Library reading room, that is due on Friday, December 1st, 2023, at 1:00 PM.

Handout for the Friday, November 10th, class session in the Sterling Memorial Library Lecture Hall.

  • The Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library is located at the corner of Wall and High Streets on central campus, on the plaza enclosed by the Schwarzman Center, Woolsey Hall, and Woodbridge Hall.
  • You’ll find the Beinecke Library reading room hours hereNote that the Beinecke Library reading room is open late, until 6:45 PM, each Tuesday during Fall term 2023. (excepting the week of the Thanksgiving break). 
  • If you have not visited the Beinecke reading room as a researcher, please watch this short, 3.5-minute orientation video. The one difference is that you do not need to request the items below in advance. They will be on Class Hold for Six Pretty Good X at the Beinecke service desk and you just need to let the public services staff members at the desk know which item you want to see. You can view multiple items from the list below, one item at a time.

Collection Materials on Class Hold for Six Pretty Good X Students

The items below will be on Class Hold at the Beinecke reading room service desk until XX. You do not need to request these items in advance before you come in. Follow the call number links below for a full bibliographic record for each item.

Professor Galindo's items:

  • Portolan chart of the Mediterranean Sea, the North Atlantic Ocean, the Baltic Sea, and the northwestern African coast. Naples, 1555. Call number: Art Storage 30cea 1555.
  • Edmund Spenser (1552?-1599). The faerie queene : disposed into twelue bookes, fashioning XII morall vertues.. London, 1590. Call number: 2014 160.
  • Alchemical miscellany, manuscript on paper. France, approximately 1750. Call number: Mellon MS 100.

Note that this item is a substitute for the George Ripley alchemical scroll that we looked at in class, which is too large to examine on the tables in the Beinecke reading room. You can look at digitized images of the Ripley scroll (Mellon MS 41), if you're interested, in the library's Digital Collections..

Professor Lorenzini's items:

  • Dante Alighieri (1265-1321). La commedia [with commentary by Cristoforo Landino]. Brescia, 1487. Call number: Zi +6973.
  • Habentur hoc uolumine hæc, uidelicet. Vita, & Fabellæ Aesopi cum interpretatione latina .... [Aesop's fables]. Venice, 1505. Call number: Gfa19 +b505.
  • Susan Meddaugh. Martha blah blah. Boston, 1996. Call number: 2019 +9.

Professor Slanski's items:

Professor Giammei's items:

  • Arthurian romances, manuscript on parchment. France, between 1290 and 1300. Call number: Beinecke MS 229.
  • Lodovico Ariosto (1474-1533). Orlando fvrioso in English heroical verse. London, 1607. Call number: Hd12 09.
  • Il re nudo (Milan), numbers 0-34 (1970-1975). Call number: 2008 +S9.

Professor Mikkelson's items: