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Web Archiving @ Yale: Home

WAWG Membership

Beinecke, Co-Chair
Digital Preservation Services, Co-Chair
Yale University Library, Sponsor
Law Library
Library Information Technology


Welcome to Web Archiving @ Yale, the home for resources on the selection, acquisition, description and access of web archives at Yale University. Web archiving consists of collecting web and social media sites using a web crawler for preservation and access purposes. This page provides information about Yale's web archiving initiatives, including the activities of the Web Archiving Working Group. The content for this guide is created and maintained by WAWG, a university-wide group focused on raising awareness around the research values of web archives, and the development of policies and procedures at Yale for web archives. 

WAWG Charge & Membership Information

Committee Charge: Coordinate web archiving activities at Yale University, including website harvesting, description of the archived web content, development of access methods, preservation, and management of rights issues. 

Group members will:

  • Share web archiving expertise with the Yale community.
  • Collaborate and consult with other staff members as needed about digital preservation, description, and discovery.
  • Identify and recommend software and processes for the acquisition, appraisal, arrangement and description of, and access to, web archives.
  • Help develop and support web archives community of practice.
  • Advocate for resources, services, and shared practices that facilitate responsible stewardship for web archives.
  • Advise on necessary contracts.

Frequency of meetings

Monthly. Subgroups meet in addition, as needed.


Term of Service

Group members serve for 2 years, with the possibility of renewal. Typically, members may spend 5 hours per month, including attending meetings.


Sponsor: Daniel Dollar


Membership Eligibility

Members (approximately 10) are people in Yale libraries, museums, and IT working directly with web archives. The Chair or Co-Chair(s) are recommended by the WAWG and appointed by the sponsor; each serves for 1 year. Ideally, members will have served on WAWG for a minimum of one year prior to becoming Chair.