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Yale School of Public Health Library Orientation: Welcome

This guide welcomes new affiliates of YSPH and introduces the library resources and services that will help you accomplish your goal: building your competency in evidence-based public health

Your library is here to help you with evidence-based public health

Welcome to Yale, and welcome to your career in public health! The Cushing/Whitney Medical Library is here to support you and evidence-based public health. Take advantage of our online tutorials, training workshops, and one-on-one consultations. Use our great study spaces, useful tech resources (in the library and for borrowing), and huge collections of scholarly literature. Reach out to public health librarian Kate Nyhan at any time, and relive your orientation with the slidedeck here.

Three things Kate wants you to know about the literature of public health

1. Always use your critical thinking skills to appraise the scholarly literature that your read. Peer review isn't perfect, even though it's the best tool we have. So read journal articles, and everything else, with an open mind -- and with critical appraisal checklists for different study designs.

2. Usually, your Yale credentials will make it easy to access everything you want to read online. Now and again, there might be some hassle, like an incomplete citation... a book that's out of print... a journal with a paywall. If something is relevant to your education or research, don't give up! And don't pay for it, either; the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library will get it for you, for free, ASAP.

3. The public health librarian and the staff of the medical library are here to help you. It's good to ask questions, and it's ok if you're not an expert yet. Your time at Yale is the perfect time to develop the skills you'll need in your professional career in public health, like literature searching and critical appraisal. We want to help you learn and practice these competencies.

Research and Education Librarian