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Yale Young Global Scholars (YYGS) - Innovations in Science & Technology (IST): Home

Resources to assist in writing a research proposal as part of the IST sessions for YYGS. This guide is updated for the Summer 2023 sessions.

About This Guide

This guide was designed to guide you as you embark on your research, ranging from creating your research question to digging into scholarly resources to citing the sources in your finished research outputs.

Table of Contents


  • Table of Contents
  • Librarians Who Can Help You

Research a Topic: Finding Books, Journals, and Newspapers

  • Where to Find Resources
    • Intro
      • Getting Started with Research
      • Finding Background Information
      • Book Suggestions (for becoming a scientist and asking hard questions)
    • Books
      • Quicksearch: Yale’s Library catalog
      • Search Techniques to Find Books
      • How to Find a Book
    • Journals
      • About Articles
      • Using Articles+
    • Dissertations
    • Newspapers
      • Why Use Newspapers?
      • List of Newspapers
  • Essential Search Techniques
  • Boolean Operators

Evaluating Sources

  • The 5 Ws
    • Who
    • What
    • Where
    • When
    • Why
    • Infographic (summary)
  • Checking Credentials
  • Fact-Checking Resources

Research Design & Ethics

  • Writing Research Questions and Hypotheses
  • Resources and Policies
  • How IRBs Protect Human Research Participants
  • Major Resources for Laboratory Procedures
  • JoVE Lab Manual
  • JoVE Education Resources
  • Related Library Guides

Cite Your Work

  • Why Cite?
    • Purpose of Citations
    • Citation Managers
    • How to Cite Social Media
  • Plagiarism Resources
  • Citation Style Guides

How-To Tutorials

  • Finding Books Using Quicksearch
  • Understanding Book Call Numbers
  • Find Databases Using Quicksearch
  • Find Articles Using Quicksearch
  • Search Digital Collections
  • Find e-Journals
  • Find Data Sets Using Quicksearch
  • Search Archives at Yale
  • Off-Campus Access
  • Lean Library Access

STEM Videos

  • Forming a Research Question, Taking Notes, & Avoiding Plagiarism
  • Science Literature Reviews
  • What is a Literature Review?

Librarians Who Can Help You

Photograph of Kayleigh Bohémier

Kayleigh A. Bohémier
Subject areas: Geology & Geophysics, Physics, Astronomy


Photograph of Rachel Sperling

Rachel Sperling
Subject areas: Forestry, Environmental Studies, Agriculture, Sustainability, Anthropology