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Government Documents and Information: United Nations

This guide is a portal to Yale's government information collections and related research tools.

United Nations Collection

Yale University Library has been a depository for United Nations publications since 1945. The UN depository collection includes:

  • official records of the main organs of the United Nations
  • sales publications
  • periodicals
  • United Nations Treaty Series
  • United Nations Development Programme and United Nations Environment Programme publications
  • other generally distributed documents and publications of the United Nations.

Other United Nations depository libraries in the Northeast include Brown, Columbia, Harvard, New York University, and Princeton.  Consult the complete list of United Nations depository libraries for more information.

Understanding the United Nations

Sessions of the UN General Assembly

If you need a quick list of the years and session numbers of the UN General Assembly, consult this page of GA Resolutions.

    Featured resources

    General sources for United Nations documents and publications

    Indexes to proceedings

    The "indexes to proceedings" for the General Assembly, Security Council, Economic and Social Council and Trusteeship Council provide:

    (1) a comprehensive subject index to all the documents (reports, letters, meeting records, resolutions, etc.) issued by the body in question during a particular session/year; and
    (2) an index to speeches delivered before the forum in question during a particular session/year.

    The UN provides a useful description of the indexes to proceedings.


    Statistics and data


    Voting records

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