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Getting Started with Bloomberg: Training

Bloomberg for Education Student Webinar Series: Fall 2021

This fall Bloomberg for Education is hosting two webinar series for students and faculty. 

In the Headlines: These hour-long webinars feature hot topics in the news analyzed by a market specialist.  Held on Wednesdays at 12:00 PM Eastern. 

September 22
The Blank-Check Boom: Are SPACs Here for the Long Term?

October 20
Inflation Nation: America's Rocky Road to Recovery

November 3
Space Race to Mars and Beyond

Registration Link for all sessions:

Learn the Terminal: These 20-minute webinars show how a market participant uses the Terminal on a daily basis. Held on Thursdays at 12:00 PM Eastern. 

September 30
Launchpad: How can we create a permanent custom desktop workplace?
Registration Link:

October 7
Supply Chain: How would a change in the supply chain impact a company?
Registration Link:

October 14
Accounting & Valuation: How can we identify reported data items and their impact?
Registration Link:

October 21
Mortgages: How can we see where the housing market is trending post-COVID?
Registration Link:

October 28
Futures & Options Market: How can we find and analyze derivatives?
Registration Link:

November 4
Funds: How can we track the inflows/outflows of funds over time?
Registration Link:

November 11
Fixed Income Credit/Curve Analysis: How can we identify relative value?
Registration Link:

November 18
M&A: How can we measure success for a merger & acquisition deal?
Registration Link:

All student webinars:

  • Demonstrate how to find relevant information on the Terminal
  • Include a short takeaway assignment
  • Allot time for Q&A
  • Will have a recording & slides sent to those who register
  • Are free

Bloomberg Market Concepts

Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) is an 8-hour, self-paced, e-learning video course consisting of four modules: Economic Indicators, Currencies, Fixed Income, and Equities. 

Participating in BMC will help you:

  • Learn about financial markets
  • Familiarize yourself with over 70 Bloomberg terminal functions
  • Solidify your knowledge with over 100 interactive questions

BMC is a free program if completed on the Terminal.

New for 2020 - 21 Academic Year: Users can complete BMC on the Bloomberg Education website at no cost through December 31.

To learn more about the program, please visit

To begin the BMC training program on the Terminal, log in with your Bloomberg account, enter BMC and click the green GO key.

Bloomberg Handouts & Cheatsheets

Frequently Used Functions & Shortcuts

Getting Started with Bloomberg:
MAIN:   Main menu
BLP:   Bloomberg Launchpad
SITE:  Overview of system (select heading for functions)

CHEAT:  Directory of Bloomberg Cheatsheets 


Bloomberg Help and Learning

Bloomberg Help and Learning (BHL) features training modules on how to use market-specifc and advanced features on the terminal. BHL covers:

  • Getting Started 
  • Market Sectors
  • Communication & Community
  • News & Research
  • Launchpad
  • Tips & Tricks 
  • and more

Functions for the Market (FFM) features ideas for analyzing current events that are affecting the market and is great way to learn how to use advanced functions.