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Your Personal Librarian

All Yale College undergraduates have a Personal Librarian. Reach out to your Personal Librarian if you have questions about:

-Navigating the library

-Finding books and articles

-Formulating a research question

-Managing citations

-Using special collections

-and more!

Library Workshops

Research for English 114: Fashion, Dress, and Music

This guide was designed to guide you through a linear research process -- starting with an idea, then using reference sources and books to build a foundation, followed by using archives and scholarly journals to find evidence for a claim. Keep in mind, however, that the research process is rarely linear!

As you go through this guide, try a few of your research ideas in the various sources linked. Keep a notepad ready to make a running list of keywords, phrases, theories, etc. that you can use as you continue your investigation.

If you don't have a research topic in mind: see if A$AP Rocky and Rihanna from the 2021 Met Gala can inspire you. For instance, take a look at these articles, and use the information as background to develop keywords for either the event, the people, the concepts -- anything that inspires you.

Keep in mind: you don't always need to have a claim before your start doing research. Sometimes the research helps define the claim!

. "ASAP Rocky and ERL’s Rule-Breaking Quilt Captured the Essence of American Fashion." 16 September 2021.

Jeffrey, Joyanne. "A Woman Identified The Quilt that A$AP Rocky Wore To The Met Gala And My Mind Is Blown." 26 September 2021.

Questions to consider:

  • What kind of sources are these?
  • Are they equal in regards to authority?
  • Are they scholarly?
  • Can you find scholarly information about a topic this new?
  • What could be a primary source for a paper about the Met Gala?
  • What could be a primary source for a paper about A$AP Rocky's cape?

Yale University Library

When you need to find books, articles, newspapers, primary sources - anything! - use the Yale Library website as your starting point. By accessing material through the website, you will connect to the material that we have already purchased for you to use! Here are some ways you can get started: