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Bass Library's Graphic Novel Collection: By Black Authors

About The 'By Black Authors' Sub-Collection

This sub-collection represents a sampling of graphic novels at Yale Library by Black authors and illustrators. Click a link to access the catalog record for item availability.

What graphic novels by and about people of color would you recommend we add to this collection? Submit titles to

To find more titles by these authors, try an Author search in Quicksearch:

Abouet, Marguerite (author of the Aya series)

Baker, Kyle (author of Nat Turner)

Coates, Ta-Nehisi (author of Black Panther: World of Wakanda)

Johnson, Mat (author of Incognegro)

Lewis, John (author of March. Book one)

McGruder, Aaron (author of The Boondocks)

Medina, Tony (author of I am Alfonso Jones)

Neri, Greg (author of Yummy)

Neufeld, Josh (author of A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge)

Phillips, Gary (author of The Be-Bop Barbarians)

By Black Authors