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Access to Manuscripts & Archives Reading Room and Digitization Services: Access to Manuscripts and Archives, Summer 2024

Temporary Reading Room; Gates Classroom, SML150B

Materials from Manuscripts and Archives collections and Music Library Special Collections must be requested for research use in the Manuscripts and Archives Reading Room in Sterling Memorial Library at 120 High Street. Beginning April 30, that reading room will be located in the Gates Classroom, also in Sterling Library. 

Reading Room hours are 10a.m.-4:30p.m., Monday through Friday.

When entering Sterling Library's High Street entrance, turn immediately right to enter the L&B Room. The door to the Gates Classroom is embedded in the paneling at the far end of L&B, to the right of the fireplace.

Before you enter the Gates Classroom, you must place coats, bags and other personal items in a locker. You will find the lockers through the last study alcove, on the left side of L&B as you face the fireplace.  


Allowed in the Reading Room


Personal notebooks and pencils (not pens) are allowed in the reading room.


Laptops and Tablets

Researchers are encouraged to bring their own laptop computers or tablets. For internet connectivity, the Yale Guest network is available for those who are not affiliated with Yale. Individuals affiliated with participating US and international institutions may use the Eduroam network. 



Many collection materials may be digitally photographed by readers in the reading room for study purposes with a handheld camera or mobile device such as a phone or small tablet.  Other equipment, such as personal overhead scanners or tabletop camera mounts, must be approved by the desk staff prior to use. Researchers will need to complete and sign the Digital Photography Policy as a part of the registration process.

Navigating the Beinecke & Sterling Memorial Library Reading Rooms