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Research Lifecycle Series: About

About the Series

The Research Lifecycle Series is designed to provide workshops that cover relevant topics over the course of a research assignment (senior essay, thesis, dissertation, fellowship project). There are two tracks: "Introduction to Research at Yale Library" and "Becoming an Expert Researcher." Students are invited to pick and choose workshops base on their interest and need, or to complete a full track. Anyone is welcome to take workshops in either track.

Browse this page to find workshops to attend using the library's workshop calendar. Workshop tracks and descriptions are listed below.

Introduction to Research at Yale Library Becoming an Expert Researcher
  1. Essential Library Research Skills
  2. Let's Find Books
  3. How to Find Scholarly Articles
  4. Demystifying the Literature Review
  5. Citation management (choose any available workshop here)
  1. Choose one:
    • Literature Review for Social Sciences
    • Finding Sources for Your Research Paper or Article's Background (science-focused)
  2. Organizing and Managing Files for Research Productivity
  3. Choosing a Journal for Publication of an Article
  4. Creating Your Online Research Presence
  5. Next Steps with Zotero

Browse the Full Workshop Calendar

Introduction to Research at Yale University Library

Essential Library Research Skills

Sample topics include: navigating the new library website, using Quicksearch, finding books and scholarly articles, using databases, creating a bibliography, and more!

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Let’s Find Books: Navigating the Library Catalog, BorrowDirect, and Interlibrary Loan

Attendees will learn best practices for how to access print and e-books from Yale Library, as well as how to use BorrowDirect and Interlibrary Loan when material is not available.

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How to Find Scholarly Articles

This 30-minute workshop will cover the fundamentals of how to find scholarly articles from Yale Library, using Quicksearch and other library databases, such as Academic Search Premier (EBSCO), ProQuest News & Newspapers, and JSTOR.

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Introduction to Zotero: A Citation Manager

Using Zotero, students will learn how to quickly save citations from Yale Library resources and from on the web, organize citations into a collection / folder / group, generate a bibliography using Microsoft Word or Google Docs, take notes to avoid plagiarism.

Demystifying the Literature Review

This 1-hour workshop will cover why a literature review is important, how to conduct a literature review, ways to evaluate your source, how to use citation management software (like Zotero) to organize sources, take notes, and attribute authors.

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Becoming an Expert Researcher

Literature Review for Social Science

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Finding Sources for Your Research Paper or Article's Introduction and Background (science-focused)

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Choosing a Journal for Publication of an Article


Creating Your Online Research Presence


Next Steps with Zotero

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