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AMST 704 / ENGL 886 / WGSS 704: War and Everyday Life: Introduction

This course guide is intended to assist students in their research projects for the course War and Everyday Life (AMST 704 / ENGL 886 / WGSS 704), taught by Professor Sunny Xiang during Spring term 2024 at Yale University.

You'll find a comprehensive list, by subject specialization, of Yale research librarians here. Subject librarians can be especially helpful in navigating the thousands of primary source databases licensed for your use by the Yale Library. If you're not sure who to start with, don't hesitate to reach out to any of the following:

Carla Baricz Librarian for Literature in English and Comparative LiteratureJosh Cochran Curator for American History Diplomacy, Beinecke LibraryJames Kessenides Librarian for American History, Sterling Memorial LibraryBill Landis Teaching Librarian, Beinecke Library

Yale Library Search Tools

The main search tools for finding books, articles, databases, archival collections, and more at Yale (and beyond) can all be found on the "Find, Request, and Use" page of the library's website. Here are a few quick refreshers, but be sure to visit the page for a full overview:

Background sources

Background or reference sources are a great place to start your research, especially when digging into a topic with which you aren't deeply immersed.

Cambridge Core: Search across the academic reference and general collections of Cambridge University Press, including the Cambridge Histories and Cambridge Companions.

Oxford Bibliographies: Authoritative research guides across a variety of subject areas.

Oxford Handbooks: Lengthy chapters provide helpful overviews of scholarly topics and historical literature, along with suggestions for further reading. 

Oxford Research Encyclopedias: Search across 25 encyclopedias that provide relatively brief, scholarly overviews of topics, a discussion of the literature, and suggestions for further reading.

Wiley Online Library: A large collection of resources including the Wiley Companions. Under "Subjects" on the landing page, navigate to "Humanities" and then explore or search the subfields.

Secondary Sources/Subject Databases

Subject-specific databases are a key resource for finding secondary literature, including the latest scholarly journal articles in the field. The Yale Library's research librarians maintain subject guides that provide links to the principal subject-specific databases available to Yale faculty, students and staff. You can browse the list of those subject guides here.

Finding resources beyond Yale