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Ancient Near East in the Yale Libraries: Getting Started with Research

Research guide for the study of the ancient Near East, including Sumerology, Assyriology and Egyptology.

Ancient Near East collections at Yale

Websites of Yale projects on the ancient Near East

Online resources for the Ancient Near East

Review essays

Listed below are articles published in Bibliotheca Orientalis 71/3-4 (2014), a jubilee issue celebrating the 75th anniversary of The Netherlands Institute for the Near East. They are also available in a free pdf download.

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Helpful guides prepared by others

Yale Initiative for the Study of Antiquity
and the Premodern World (YISAP)

YISAP is a collaborative forum that brings together one of the largest groups of scholars in the world working on early civilizations. Scholars in the Humanities and Social Sciences join with those working in the Yale Divinity School, the Yale Law School, the collections and the university libraries. While admiring and encouraging traditional modes of work and traditional fields of scholarship, we build a new inter- and multi-disciplinary framework that redefines old disciplinary boundaries.