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Black Lives Matter: Interdisciplinary and Historical Resources: Reference

Bibliographies, encyclopedias, and handbooks

Gale in Context: U.S. History

This resource includes a variety of sources, such as academic journals, biographies, news, magazines, primary sources, and videos. The news content is largely current and recent; much of the remaining content is historical. Material can be browsed and keyword searched, but is also arranged into topics, such as "Racism in Post-Emancipation America." 

Oxford African American Studies Center

The Oxford AASC includes historian Marcia Chatelain's "Photo Essay - Black Lives Matter," which provides an overview of the Black Lives Matter movement and links to related articles in the Oxford African American Studies Center.

Oxford Bibliographies

Annotated bibliographies are arranged by subject area module in the Oxford Bibliographies and can be browsed or searched by keyword.

Modules include:

Examples of relevant articles from the above modules include:

Oxford Research Encyclopedia of American History

Detailed encyclopedia articles with suggestions for further reading and primary sources. Articles include:

Oxford Very Short Introductions

A collection of brief introductions to topics in the arts, humanities, law, medicine, health, sciences, and social sciences. Includes Racism: A Very Short Introduction by Ali Rattansi.

Wiley Online Library

This resource brings together books, journals, encyclopedias and other reference works from the publisher Wiley. The chapter "Race and the Criminal Justice System" by Laurie Samuel can be found in The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociologyand journal articles that discuss Black Lives Matter can be located -- e.g., "#Black Lives Matter: Innovative Black Resistance" by Jozie Nummi, Carly Jennings, and Joe Feagin.