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Racial Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion resources Yale Child Study Center: For Researchers and Clinicians

A curated page of scholarly and popular articles/videos/etc. with a focus on the treatment of children and families in clinical practice around antiracism and cultural competencies.

What is in this page?

This page is intended to guide clinicians and researchers to find current resources on the following topics:

  • Cultural Competencies in Therapy (including Psychological Assessment)
  • Medicine Management

Plus, find search strategies for PubMed and Google below.

Racial Themes in Therapy

Panel Discussion/Lectures

Racial Injustice & Trauma – How Therapists Can Respond Part 1: Featuring S. Kent Butler, PhD, Gail Parker, PhD, and Monnica T. Williams, PhD, Part 2: Featuring Deran Young, LCSW, Amber Flynn, LCPC, and Lambers Fisher, LMFT

Difficult Conversations of Racism and Social Inequities in Child Psychiatry Training [AACAP] Lecture 4 of Lecture Series on Improving Health Equity During the COVID-19 Era

Culturally sensitive psychological assessments


Psychotherapy & Cultural Competency & Children Search

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Psychotherapy & Cultural Competency

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Medication search

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Medical & Children Search

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Search Strategies

Click these links to find current literature and information in Google. Modify these searches for your specific research questions.

Please note: these are not comprehensive searches. Reach out to your Department's Librarian, Melissa Funaro with questions.

Psychotherapy & Cultural Competency search strategies
Medication Management search strategies

Google Search tips:

Narrow your Google search results to find quality information by using Google's advanced search techniques.

1. To find resources from specific types of organizations, use the site: search feature. If you include site: in your query, Google will restrict the results to those websites in the given domain. For instance, will find pages within .gov urls. Note there can be no space between the "site:" and the domain (.edu, .org,, etc)

To use this, after clicking on the Google search strategy links above, type in the Google search bar:

2. To find multimedia resources use either intitle: or inurl:

Find pages with video or videos in the title. For this example, any results containing the word “video” in the title will be returned.

Find pages with "video" or "videos" in the URL. For this example, any results containing the word “video” in the URL will be returned.

replace video with movie*, podcast*, documentar*

3. Combine them together OR inurl:video* OR intitle:video*

Find pages with video in the url or title where the page is created by an organization such as