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American Studies Workshop with Professor Angie Diaz: Tips on Using Quicksearch

Finding e-books through Quicksearch

Yale's Quicksearch interface can be used to find e-books by starting from the single search box on the library homepage or by going directly to the Books+ portion of Quicksearch. After running a search, you can select "Show Online Results Only" and use the search refinements on the left sidebar to limit the format to books.  

A brief video on using Quicksearch to find e-books can be found here.

Finding journal articles through Quicksearch

Yale's Quicksearch interface can be used to find electronic journal articles by starting from the single search box on the library homepage or by going directly to the Articles+ portion of Quicksearch. After running a search, you will be able to refine your results by using various filters, such as journal articles and book reviews.

A brief video on using Quicksearch to find journal articles can be found here.