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ARCH 3302 Tall Tales Library and Archive Research Guide: Home

About This Guide

This guide is intended to be a landing space for information to help you navigate primary source architectural, urban planning, and visual image research at and beyond Yale.

Research Tips

  • Visual image research is format agnostic - meaning that a plan, drawing, map, or print can be represented in multiple places. If you cannot find an original architectural drawing or rendering, try looking in a trade publication or journal via the Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals.
    • The Visual Image Research Guide provides detailed information on locating images for research. Information on how to cite and manage image collections is also included.
    • The Architecture Research @ Yale Guide provides detailed information on conducting architecture research at  Yale, across secondary and primary sources.
  • The research process is not linear! It is iterative and often defined by available resources. Be flexible with your initial research question and think creatively about the types of sources you can use to support your argument or line of inquiry.
  • Evaluate your resources for appropriateness and authority. Can you identify an author(s) or creator(s)? If not, does that source cite a credible resource that you can use instead? 
  • Keyword searching is an entry point to collections and resources. Create a list of broad and narrow search terms to use to find the greatest amount of resources possible. For example, in addition to "Mitchell-Lama," terms like "Housing", "Rent", "Urban Development", and "Tenant" could lead to more material related to the original research inquiry.

What You'll Find in this Guide

  • How to find and request primary sources across Yale Special Collections
  • How to find primary sources beyond Yale
  • Sources for researching New York City buildings and architecture
  • How to develop research questions and interpret primary sources

Architecture Records Archivist

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Kathy Bohlman
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