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Library resources for Eli Whitney Students: Databases

A non-exhaustive list of resources and contacts for Eli Whitney Students. The address of this guide is

Databases - a few examples

The Yale Library subscribes to over 1,500 different databases with various kinds of "content" - scholarly and popular articles, newspapers (historical and current), primary sources, datasets, law cases, images, reference sources like biographies and language dictionaries - and it would be impossible to list them all here. But a few of the most heavily used ones are below. You can find a complete list of all the library's databases, listed alphabetically by title, here. If you would like to find the databases most relevant to your subject area or major, visit our collection of Subject Guides or contact your Personal Librarian.


Articles+ is a broad and deep database of scholarly articles, popular magazine articles, newspaper coverage, book reviews and more, in almost any subject you can imagine. It's the first place many students go to when they begin their research. Most of the results are available in full-text for online reading. Advanced searching features and "facets" allow you to discover articles using different criteria: date of publication, peer-reviewed, language, etc.

Articles+ is compatible with Zotero, a citation management tool that is very popular with students.


JSTOR is a broad humanities and social science database with full-text articles from the most important peer-reviewed journals in several disciplines. it is not an exhaustive database in those subjects, but it does offer an excellent collection of scholarly work. Note that JSTOR makes use of something called a "moving wall," meaning the most recent 2-5 years of these journals are not included in the database; Articles+ is the best place to find the most recent literature on any subject. JSTOR is also fully compatible with Zotero. 


Scopus is a comprehensive database for scholarly, peer-reviewed literature in the sciences. Scopus is also compatible with Zotero.