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Library resources for Eli Whitney Students: People to Know: Personal Librarians & Subject Specialists

A non-exhaustive list of resources and contacts for Eli Whitney Students. The address of this guide is

Your Personal Librarian

Every undergraduate - including you! - has a Personal Librarian, a senior librarian on staff who serves as your research advisor and general contact person for all your library-related questions. Your librarians can be especially helpful in your first two years at Yale, when you are exploring Yale's libraries and familiarizing yourself with the collections and services the library offers. Contact your librarian any time with questions, no matter how small they seem - we're here to help.

Find your Personal Librarian here and make a note of their contact information. You will receive occasional email messages from them throughout the academic year with useful information.

Your Subject Specialist

Once you formally declare a major, you will be introduced to your Subject Specialist, the librarian affiliated with your academic department or major. These librarians have advanced degrees in these subject areas, and will be your go-to person for library research specifically related to your major, including your senior capstone project. The Subject Specialists also work with graduate students in their departments on their dissertations, and with faculty on their research projects. These are real subject experts in the library system, who have extensive knowledge of relevant library collections as well as the research methods for their disciplines. The Subject Specialists also curate the library's subject guides.

Find the Subject Specialist for your major here, and make a note to contact them in the future.