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Image Resources: How to Find Images

Yale University's Arts Library Digital Services guide to digital image resources.

Where to Find Images

Image Databases: Best for general image searching or browsing. Databases often include many institutions, artists, and topics. These resources are not typically exhaustive so image searching outside of a database may be necessary for specific known works. Click the bold title here to explore recommended image databases offered to the Yale community.

Digital Collections: Digital collections are often curated by institutions such as universities and museums to share digital surrogates of their physical collections (though some include born digital works as well). The access to view and download these images varies, but it is good practice to seek image sources straight from their owning institution when possible. Click the bold title here for more information about Yale's digital collections, as well as suggestions from other institutions. 

Public Domain / Creative Commons: Public domain and creative commons refer to an image's copyright restrictions. Public Domain refers to sources that are openly available for reuse, while Creative Commons refers to licenses with various levels of use and remix restrictions. Visit the copyright and fair use page for more details on these topics, or click the bold title here for how to find these images.

Images for PublicationNavigating what can or cannot be used for publication requires the consideration of a variety of copyright factors. Click the bold title here for recommendations on this process. 

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