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Constitution Day: Collections

This research guide provides a list of resources on the Library's Constitution Day Efforts

Beinecke Library

Check out the Beinecke's Words for the Nation video series... the reading of the Constitution is featured below

Other Beinecke Collections include:

  • The Journal of the Federal Convention of 1787, manuscript copy in the hand of James Madison of the Journal made by William Jackson as Secretary of the Convention
  • Early printings of the U.S. Constitution from 1787
  • The first printing of The Federalist Papers


Music Library

The items identified here have been curated by Suzanne Lovejoy and Richard Boursy- many thanks.

Many of these items are on Women's Rights/Suffrage- which bridges both 2019 and 2020 Constitutional Day themes

One quite impressive provision from Suzanne Lovejoy include this bibliography of materials.

Cover Image for sheet music for American Ballot 


The image (which is linked to its source document) to the left is of the song American Ballot which can be paged from the Music Library's Special Collections.


Legal and Social Science Databases to Check Out

Free Resources

Yale Subscribed Resources