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E&EB 275 Biological Oceanography - Selected Library Resources: Selected Books

This guide highlights resources for identifying primary literature for oceanography and marine biology.

Selected Books on Marine Biology

Arabian Seas: Biodiversity, Environmental Challenges and Conservation Measures 2021

Blue Carbon Dynamics of the Indian Ocean: The Present State of the Art 2022

Mediterranean Cold Water Corals: Past, Present and Future: Understanding the Deep-Sea Realms of Corals 2019

Lobsters: Biology, Fisheries and Aquaculture 2019

Oceanography Challenges to Future Earth: Human and Natural Impacts On Our Seas 2019

The World's Oceans: Geography, History, and Environment 2018 location

Ireland's Seashore: a field guide 2018 location 

Octopus, Squid & Cuttlefish: a visual, scientific guide to the oceans' most advanced invertebrates 2018 location

Sea of Glass: Searching for the Blaschkas' Fragile Legacy in an Ocean at Risk 2016 location

Marine Community Ecology and Conservation 2014 location 

Seaweed Ecology and Physiology 2nd ed. 2014 location 

Atlas of Benthic Foraminifera 2013 paper ed. location Includes many photos. 

Gulf of California: biodiversity and conservation 2010 paper ed. location 

Marine Biology: function, biodiversity, ecology 2013 location 

Life in the World's Oceans: diversity, distribution, and abundance 2010 location 

Phytoplankton pigments: characterization, chemotaxonomy and applications in oceanography 2011 location 

Aquatic Ecosystems 2012 location 

Fish Ecology 2012 paper ed. location 

Creatures of the Deep: in search of the sea's monsters and the world they live in 2014 location 

Methods for the Study of Deep-Sea Sediments, their functioning and biodiversity 2010 location 

Sharks and Their Relatives II: biodiversity, adaptive physiology, and conservation 2010 location 

Two Oceans: a guide to the marine life of Southern Africa revised ed. 2010 location 

Marine Turtles of Guinea-Bissau 2010 location 

Marine Biology 8th ed. 2010 location 

Marine Microbiology: bioactive compounds and biotechnological applications 2013 paper ed. location 

Red Sea Sharks: taxonomy, biology and ecology 2013 location 

Blue Hope: exploring and caring for earth's magnificent ocean 2014 location Source of great photos.

Spineless: portraits of marine invertebrates, the backbone of life 2014 location 

Rising Sea Levels: an introduction to cause and impact 2012 locatio

Marine Algae: biodiversity, taxonomy, environmental assessment, and biotechnology 2015 paper ed. location online ed. coming soon

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