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Kayleigh Bohemier

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Kayleigh Bohemier
Please email me or use the Schedule Appointment button. In-person and virtual (Zoom) appointments are both possible. Please note that Science Hill is a 15-minute walk from central campus, and there is a temporary entrance due to construction.

My default ONSITE days are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. During the semester (not during breaks!), I am onsite on Thursdays. I am OFFSITE most Mondays.


Marx Science and Social Science Library (formerly called CSSSI)
Office C41
219 Prospect Street
Concourse Level
Kline Biology Tower
Please schedule a Zoom or Microsoft Teams with me using my scheduler. Due to the Yale University COVID-19 response, in-person appointments may or may not be available, depending on library policy and University guidance. If an in-person option is available, it will be noted in the scheduling tool.

How can I help you?
Many people don't know what library liaisons do, and it's okay to be uncertain! This list is by no means comprehensive, but here's what I can do as your research support librarian:

  • Advise you on constructing background research/article queries
  • Discuss how to extract and use research impact metrics (e.g., the h-index, locating publication and citation statistics for fields and subfields, finding Yale-affiliated papers in databases in a specific research area, discussing bibliometric network visualization and data cleaning—bibliometrics is in many ways a subfield of Library & Information Science!) 
  • Work with students, faculty, and staff on using Mendeley, Zotero, and/or BibTeX with Yale Library resources
  • Show you how to use Yale University Library services and resources
  • Help you locate subject-specific data and statistics
  • Consult on data and other information topics

Important: If you are on the open Internet and get paywalled, you may be able to get access to what you're looking for through the library!

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