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East Asia Library: Request multiple volumes from LSF

Request multiple volumes from LSF

There are six steps to request multiple volumes from LSF (Library Shelving Facility, an offsite library storage in Hamden):

  1. Go to Orbis and search the multi-volume set by title. Your search may return a list of relevant titles. Please select the one that matches your need.
  2. When you get into the Orbis record for your title, please click on the "Request recall or delivery" link in the "Location" field. You will be directed to a log-in page then.
  3. For Yale affiliates, please click on the "Yale NetID Login" button to log in using your Yale NetID and password. For non-Yale affiliates, if you have a Yale library privileges card, please log in under the "Visitors" section. To learn more about Yale library privileges for visitors, please go to  
  4. After you log in, please click on the "Request staff search or delivery" link.
  5. You will see a web form that contains the title information about your multi-volume set. Please select a volume number in the "Select a Copy" drop-down box. Then please select a pick-up location in the "Pick Up At" drop-down box. Then hit on the "submit" button.
  6. Please note that you can only request one volume for each online transaction. To request more volumes, you just need to repeat steps 2, 4 and 5.