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About the East Asia Library: Home


Welcome to the East Asia Library at Yale! 

The East Asia Library is located within Sterling Memorial Library, where evidence of the long history of East Asian books on campus can be found embedded within the very fabric of the building:

* Chinese text related to China's 8th century An Lushan Rebellion carved in stone above the main building entrance.

* A bust of Addison Van Name, carved in stone on the first floor.  Van Name was the first person to teach East Asian languages in any U.S. university (1871) and a key figure in the development of the East Asian collection during his service as College Librarian.

* Stained glass windows depicting geisha, performers in traditional theater, and Japanese design motifs in the room that originally housed Japanese and Chinese books.

Yale University was the first institution in the U.S.  to collect East Asian books and continues to build on this legacy with strong collections, print and electronic, from and about the region.


The content of this guide was originally created by Ellen Hammond, Tao Yang and Tang Li.