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Anthropology Resources: Mesoamerica, Latin America & the Caribbean: Resources on Latin America

Resources for the study of anthropology and archaeology in Latin America, Mesoamerica & the Cariibean

Starting Your Research

Online Latin American-focused Reference Works

Wiley Online Library

These reference works are available through Wiley Online Library (click Wiley Online above): 

Oxford Reference

These reference works are available through Oxford Reference (click Oxford Reference above):

Credo Reference

These reference works are available through Credo (click Credo General Reference above):

  • Encyclopedia of Mexico: History, Society & Culture
  • Mexico: An Encyclopedia of Contemporary Culture and History
  • A Companion to Hispanic Studies
  • Companion to Latin American Studies
  • Iberia & the Americas: Culture, Politics, and History

Blackwell Reference Online

These reference works are available through Blackwell (click Blackwell Reference Online above):

  • A Companion to Latin American History.  Edited by: Thomas H. Holloway
  • A Companion to Mexican History and Culture.  Edited by: William H. Beezley


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