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E&EB 335 Evolution and Medicine - Selected Library Resources: Special Collections Materials at Yale

This guide identifies library resources useful to the study of evolutionary biology.

Special Collections Materials at Yale


Ward Shepard Papers 1901-1959 Includes correspondence, writings and a few essays by others on ecology, Indians, and Darwinism. Published and unpublished works. location 

Neil H. Landman Archives 1982-1980 Archives include locality information, photographs and copies of notebooks. Collection focuses on Landman's work with scaphitid ammonoids. Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History IPAR 001043

John H. Ostrom Archives 1951-2005 Archives of Prof. John Ostrom, accumulated during his career. Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History VPAR 000294

Othniel Charles Marsh Archives 1831-1899 Works associated with Division of Invertebrate Paleontology. Yale Peabody Museum of Natual HIstory IPAR 001239 Also 1866-1899 including photos of himself, family, houses, and expeditions Yale Peabody Museum of Natual History VPAR 000240 Also Papers 1817-1899 in the library location  Some on microfilm. Includes correspondence, family, education, writings of, biographical information, Cardiff Giant Hoax, Red Cloud Agency. See also Othniel C. Marsh Papers compiled by Mary McKeever 1972 3 volumes location 

Charles Emerson Beecher Archives 1888-1904 Includes his work on freshwater mollusca. Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History IZAR 001571


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