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Digital Collections: Russian Collections

Library Websites

  • Elektronnyi Katalog RNB - The online catalog of the Russian National Library. The full catalog includes undigitized items, but digital collections can be browsed through the "Collections" tab at the top of the page.
  • Elektronnaia Biblioteka (RGB) - The digital library of the Russian State Library. Some digitized resources are restricted to use by registered RGB readers only, but many are free to access.
  • Elektronnaia Biblioteka GPIB - A sizeable collection of digitized historical texts, including bibliographies, emigre publications, 19th century periodicals, avant-garde publications, and more.
  • Yeltsin Library Digital Collections - Thematic collections of digitized material, navigable in English and in Russian. Installation of Microsoft Silverlight is required to view the digitized images.
  • Elektronnaia Biblioteka "Nauchnoe Nasledie Rossii" - An electronic library project from the Russian Academy of Sciences emphasizing access to Russia's scholarly publishing history.
  • Rukopisnye sobraniia - A large digital repository of Church Slavic manuscripts and early printed books from various libraries.

Open access and other free repositories

  • Cyberleninka - An open access repository for publications in a variety of disciplines in the sciences and humanities.
  • Runivers - An ongoing digitization project which currently contains nearly 5,000 digitized volumes from the 19th-20th century, as well as maps and photographs.
  • FEB: Fundamental'naia Elektronnaia Biblioteka - A full-text repository of Russian literature, folklore, and literary criticism spanning the 11th-20th century.
  • Zhurnalnyi Zal - Provides access to a number of contemporary Russian literary journals. Includes links to additional sources.
  • Natsional'naia Elektronnaia Biblioteka - National Electronic Library of Russia, combining digital resources from more than 50 Russian libraries, archives, and museums.
  • Elektronnaia biblioteka "ImWerden" - A free access, independently operated electronic library of literary, historical, philological, and reference works. Also includes a collection of audio and video recordings of authors reading their own work.
  • UbuWeb - Includes a collection of Russian avant-garde sound experiments and modernist poets reading their work.