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Primary Sources: Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia: Law Library

Images from the Rare Book Collection

Blackstone Eller A269 v.2

Rare Annex Russia 28 1993 2012

Rare36 10-0020

Rare26 10-0511

Rare26 10-0225

Russia 223 2013

Rare26 01-0074 1891 no. 5

Russia 18 1649

China 18 1783 v.1

Slavic and East European Materials in the Lillian Goldman Law Library

Among its vast holdings, the Lillian Goldman Law Library houses materials related to Slavic and East European legal matters. This is broadly construed to include not only current law and legal history, but also related topics like politics and international relations.

The Law Library Rare Book Collection holds a small collection of Slavic and East European materials. Notable among them is an imperial set of the Complete Collected Laws of the Russian Empire (Polnoe sobranie zakonov Rossiiskoi Imperii) (1839-1916). Other materials include vol. 2 of the Russian edition of William Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England and a facsimile of the Merilo pravednoe, a medieval Rus' legal collection. A complete list of relevant Rare Book Collection holdings can be found below:

In 2012, William E. Butler and Mike Widener, the Law Library Rare Book librarian, curated an exhibition on Monuments of Imperial Law, perhaps the first rare book exhibit in the U.S. to focus on the history of Russian law.

How to Access the Collections

Information on accessing the general collection can be found on the Law Library website. Information on searching, requesting, and using materials from the Law Library's Rare Books Collection can be found on their website.

Library catalogs, digital collections, and other relevant pages can be found by following the links to the right.

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