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Primary Sources: Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia: Microform Collections

Images from the Microform collections


Izraelita, 1871

The collection includes many examples of publishing by minority communities throughout Eastern Europe. Yale holds a full run of the Jewish newspaper Izraelita, published in Warsaw from 1866-1913.


Ekran, 1921

Many different disciplines and topics are represented within the microfilm collection's periodicals. The short-lived Russian newspaper Ekran, dedicated to discussing the stage and screen, features advertisements on its front page for the many productions running in Moscow, and the actors starring in them.

Moscow Printing House Archive

Moscow Printing House Archive

In addition to rare books and periodicals, reproductions of unique documents and archives are extensively featured in the Slavic holdings of the collection. The Moscow Printing House Archive contains full reproductions of the 17th century account books of Russia's only state-run publishing house.


Pchola, 1849

Historical languages and dialects are widely represented in the Slavic microfilm collections. The literary journal Pchola, published in Lviv in 1921, used a combination of vernacular Ukrainian and hybrid-Russian literary dialects.

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