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Resources for Digital Humanities: Mapping

Vocabulary, tools, advice, and library resources to start your Digital Humanities project or research.



Mapping projects, in the digital humanities, come in a few forms: some focus on analyzing or processing map data, and others focus on using maps more as a narrative or illustrative tool.

If you are looking to engage with geospatial data, whether georeferencing an archival map (aligning it with contemporary coordinate systems, for example to compare it with other maps) or analyzing relationships between points in space, GIS Support Services is the place to start at Yale.

If you're looking to use maps as the organizing principle of a digital humanities project, or as an illustration for it, rather than as data, you might want to start instead with a consultation with the DHLab.

Contact Us

For help with any stage of a digital humanities project, with any of the methods described here, or with any other questions, feel free to reach out or book a consultation with the DHLab.

For support with mapping and GIS work specifically, we recommend taking trainings or booking a consultation with GIS Support Services.