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Digital Preservation System at Yale University Library: Training and Documentation

This page provides information about the Digital Preservation System managed by the Digital Preservation unit of Yale University Library.

DPS Documentation: Sharepoint Site and DPS Wiki

The Digital Preservation System Sharepoint site and wiki are accessible to members of the DPS User Group. DPS Users can access the site by signing in with your Yale NetID and password.

The DPS Sharepoint site has documentation for system users and unit/repository managers pertaining to system configuration, policies, storage, and workflows specific to the YUL enterprise system.

As the DPS implementation progresses, the wiki and Sharepoint site will be regularly updated with additional training and documentation materials.

Please contact us at to request access to the User Group documentation sites.

Preservica Offers In-Person and Webinar-based Training Sessions On-Site at Yale

The service contract between Preservica and Yale University Library allows for the Library to organize on-site and webinar training sessions by Preservica staff members for Yale Library and Museums staff.  These sessions can provide a helpful supplement to the webinars at Preservica Forums because they are specific to Yale's enterprise system and our cover specific processes within our DPS implementation. 

On-site Preservica-led training sessions at Yale were offered in October 2015 and Preservica also led a two-day webinar training series for Yale users in August of 2016. Recordings of these sessions are available; please contact the Digital Preservation System for details.

Topics covered in these webinars included:

  • overview of navigation in the system
  • creating, moving and deleting collections
  • creating virtual collections
  • migrating content to create access copies 
  • reporting on collections
  • exporting content from the system

Future Yale-specific on-site and remote/webinar based training sessions will be posted on the Digital Preservation System Sharepoint Wiki. Please contact the Digital Preservation Services Unit for more information about upcoming training sessions and to request topics for training by Preservica.

Training and Documentation: Context Help in Preservica

Context Help Menu in Preservica System

For specific questions that come up at any point in the system interface, use the Context Help Menu in Preservica. 

The "Context Help" Menu can be accessed via the drop-down menu within the Help Tab at the far right of the System Functional Areas menu bar. 


Clicking on Context Help brings you to a help page for the specific section of the DPS that you are in.

For example, bringing up Context Help from this Ingest: Manage area of the system brings up a section of the help documentation that has instructions for all of the functions on this page. 



Get Help and Report Issues

Thanks for your interest! Please contact us via email at

We are glad to answer any questions about the Digital Preservation System, and can provide assistance with locating additional information and resources within Preservica's documentation and training materials. Our unit can also provide training in all aspects of using the system for small groups and individuals. 

Training and Documentation from Preservica

Training Webinars from Preservica

Preservica's Community Hub website offers training for users as recorded videos and live webinars that users may sign up for.

To access these materials, it is necessary to sign up for a Preservica Community Hub account. Yale Preservica users have access to all of these training services; sign up for your Preservica Community Hub account using your email account and select Preservica EoP as the product option.

To access the Training webinars, go to the following link:

Written Documentation and User Manuals

Written documentation from Preservica is available as PDFs and HTML pages, also at the Community Hub website. These user guides cover all aspects of the system. The Guides that will be most useful to most users are:

  • System User Guide
  • SIP Creator User Guide
  • Data Model Guide

Preservica also goes into detail about how the information objects are modeled in this system.

Digital Preservation Documents for Yale University Library