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Guide for Frank Snowden's Global Crisis of Malaria class


Looking for sources on the history of malaria?  Start here for a beginning look at the resources Yale has, and beyond. Click on the tabs above to find scholarly books, journal articles and other secondary texts, primary-source documents, and credible web sites about public health, including historical resources and information.

This 1944 film is "on the cause, transmission, and prevention of malaria. Still pictures show a farm family infected with malaria. A sister and brother, ill with malaria, are treated with quinine by a doctor. A doctor and a Public Health official show a farmer how to screen the porch, doors, and windows and to spray for mosquitoes. Close-ups are shown of mosquito larvae and methods of combatting mosquitoes by draining ponds and spraying with oil and insecticides." National Archives Identifier: 13292.  You can find other films at the Moving Image Archive.

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