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African American Studies Critical Guide to OHAM: Jazz


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Most material listed in this guide can be accessed through OHAM's finding aids in Archives at Yale. Click above to view the finding aids.


OHAM holds interviews with a number of contemporary jazz innovators, such as composer, trombonist and electronic performance artist George Lewis, and flutist and composer Nicole Mitchell, first woman president of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM). Central to OHAM’s earlier jazz interviews is the Duke Ellington Oral History, comprising interviews conducted by OHAM’s founder Vivian Perlis and a number of her students. The project includes an interview with ninety-four musicians and major figures in the jazz world, all of whom either performed, worked with, or simply knew Ellington. Many of these figures are famous in their own right—from social activist and poet Amiri Baraka to jazz greats Lionel Hampton, Mary Lou Williams, Wayne Shorter, and Willie Ruff.

(For additional research material on the work of Duke Ellington, see the Stanley Dance and Helen Oakley Dance Papers in the Irving S. Gilmore Music Library archival collections.)

Alexander, Monty
Armstrong, Louis
Ashby, Harold
Baron, Art 
Barron, Kenny
Bell, Samuel Aaron
Benjamin, Sathima Bea
Berroa, Ignacio
Blake, Eubie
Blake, Ran
Bley, Carla
Bloom, Jane Ira
Brackeen, Joanne
Bradford, Bobby

Braxton, Anthony
Brown, Lawrence
Brouwer, Leo
Brubeck, David
Byard, Jaki
Bynum, Taylor Ho 
Carrington, Terri Lyne
Charlap, Bill
Cole, Maria 
Coleman, Ornette
Coleman, Steve

Cyrille, Andrew
Davis, Anthony 

Davis, Kay

DeJohnette, Jack 
Dempster, Stuart 

Donaldson, Lou
Ellington, Duke
Elliot, Don
Elliott, Lu
Escoffery, Wayne 
Galper, Hal
Gensel, John Garcia 
Gaskin, Victor
Gibbs, Terry
Golson, Benny 
Goodman, Benny 
Graves, Milford
Grayson, Milt
Greer, Sonny

Hall, Adelaide
Hall, Barrie Lee 
Hamilton, Jimmy 

Hamlisch, Marvin
Hampton, Lionel
Harrison, Donald
Hart, Billy

Hayes, Louis
Haynes, Roy
Hibbler, Al
Hines, Earl
Hinton, Milt 
Ho, Fred 
Hoggard, Jay

Ibrahim, Abdullah
Iyer, Vijay 
James, Melvin (“Sy” Oliver)
Jordan, Sheila
Klucevsek, Guy

Kuhn, Steve 
Lake, Oliver
Lewis, George

Liebman, Dave 
Lovano, Joe
MacDowell, Marian 
Martino, Pat
Maupin, Bennie 


McKinley, William
McPartland, Marian
McPhee, Joe 
​Melford, Myra 
Metheny, Pat 
Mingus, Charles
Mingus, Sue
Mitchell, Nicole
Moore, Anita 
Morrison, Peck
Norton, June
Nurock, Kirk
Okin, Earl
Osby, Greg
Owens, Jimmy
Paul, Les  (Lester William Polsfuss)
Pass, Joe
Pavone, Mario
Peacock, Gary 
Potter, Chris 
Preston, Don
Procope, Russell 
Roach, Max 
Roché, Betty

Rollins, Sonny
Rothenberg, David
Rudd, Roswell Hopkins
Ruff, Willie
Russell, Catherine
Russell, George 
Schuller, Gunther
Shaffer, Paul
Sherrill, Joya
Shorter, Wayne 
Smith, Jabbo
Sorey, Tyshawn
Stewart, Leroy "Slam" 
Strayhorn, Billy 
Sullivan, Maxine 
Swallow, Steve 
Taylor, Billy
Terry, Clark 
Threadgill, Henry
Turney, Norris 
Waters, Ethel
White, Lenny





Last Updated 1/12/2023