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Oral History of American Music Collections Guide: Alone Together: Musicians in the Time of Covid

OHVIII Alone Together: Musicians in the Time of Covid

Alone Together: Musicians in the Time of Covid is a series of videochat interviews with composers and musicians, focusing on their personal and creative lives while isolating during the COVID-19 outbreak. Selected edited videos are currently on OHAM's YouTube channel


Collection Listing

Aleskie, Mary Lou
Alexander, Kathryn
Alexander, Monty
Bennett, Matt
Berroa, Ignacio
Bloom, Jane Ira
Brecker, Randy
Bresnick, Martin
Brown, Michael
Ellis, T.D.
Escoffery, Wayne
Hayes, Louis
Jordan, Sheila
Kaczmarek, Konrad
Kendrick, James
Kapilian, Danny
Lavin, Christine
Lake, Oliver
Lankenau, Steven
Lipitz, Shlomo
Lockwood, Annea
Martin, Steve
McLaughlin, John
Oppens, Ursula
Osterlund, Markus
Reich, Steve
Rollins, Sonny
Rosenboom, David
Sellars, Peter
Sheng, Bright
Shepard, Chris
Sierra, Roberto
Stasium, Ed
Swallow, Steve
Taber, Randy
Valverde, Hugo
Vees, Jack
Verdery, Ben
Wightman, Ross
Younan, Elizabeth