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Online Exhibitions: Getting Started

Information for Yale Library staff and other Yale community members interested in creating online exhibitions.

What is an Online Exhibition at Yale?

Online exhibitions showcase Yale University Library collections in an organized fashion. Yale students, faculty, and staff can create stand-alone online exhibitions highlighting their research supported by Yale collections, or as companions to physical exhibitions that use our library collections.

An online exhibition isn’t a digital collection, a place to drop your images. Each exhibition includes careful selection, curation, narration, and consideration of your audience. Email us if you have questions about whether your project fits this criteria.


Sample Exhibitions

First Steps

  1. Contact a committee member to discuss your online exhibition idea, or email us at:
  2. Review the documentation under the Resources & Best Practices section. The handbook provides a step-by-step overview of creating an exhibition using our online platform, Omeka S.
  3. Submit a proposal, which will be reviewed by the Online Exhibitions Committee.
  4. You will be contacted with any follow-up questions about your proposal, and assigned a liaison if you do not already have one. You will also receive login credentials to Omeka S.
  5. Get started! If you run into any problems, reach out to your liaison and/or another member of the Online Exhibitions Committee.