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Political Science Subject Guide: PLSC 378: Contesting Injustice

This guide highlights print and electronic resources in political science, plus information about Yale University Library's collections and services.

You have a citation to an article...

Enter the details into CitationLinker to see if Yale has the article in full text.

If Yale has the article in print but not online, you can use Scan and Deliver to request a copy.

If the article isn't available in any format at Yale, request a copy through Interlibrary Loan.

You're looking for a journal...

To find specific journals (as opposed to individual journal articles), search:

Find eJournals by Title
When you know the title of the journal and want to go straight to it online.

Orbis (Yale Library catalog)
Especially useful for locating print holdings of journals that are not entirely available online. Also includes records for online journals.

MORRIS (Yale Law Library catalog)
Includes records for online and print journals to which the Law Library subscribes.

Catalogs for books (and journals, government documents, films, archival collections, and more)

Journal articles and more

Often, the most efficient way to find a wide range of journal articles (and working papers, book chapters, conference proceedings, government documents, and other materials) is to search within databases. Here are some recommended starting points.