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Finding Book Reviews in the Sciences: Home

How to locate book reviews to evaluate something you want to read.


This is a guide dedicated to locating book reviews in the sciences. On the tabs, you will find information about where to search for them. Using book reviews can help you narrow down from a large number of potential books to read to a set that is more manageable for your coursework, research, or leisure reading. We hope that you find this helpful. Feel free to contact us using the information on the right if you have further questions.

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Guide Navigation

Here is some guidance on what you will find on this guide.

  • Finding Book Reviews in Articles+
    • Basic Search
    • Specific Book Titles
  • Journals to Browse for Book Reviews
    • General
    • Life Sciences
    • Physical and Applied Sciences
    • Earth Sciences
    • Mathematics
  • Web Sites for Book Reviews
    • Major Sites
    • Using Google for Book Reviews
  • Publications and Indices
    • Book Review Digest Plus 1905-Present
    • Book Review Index 1965-2008
    • New York Review of Books 1963-Present

Librarians to Talk To

Kayleigh Bohémier
​Science Research Support Librarian for
Astronomy, Geology & Geophysics, and Physics