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Finding Book Reviews in the Sciences: Finding Book Reviews in Articles+

How to locate book reviews to evaluate something you want to read.

Book Reviews in Articles+

Do you want book reviews on a specific topic? Articles+ (using the original interface, not the one embedded in QuickSearch — that searches only our peer-reviewed articles by default!) is an excellent place to do that! Articles+ can see about 80% of YUL online subscriptions to magazines, scholarly and trade journals, newspapers, and other types of documents. When you're looking for information about a book, this makes it a good first start.

This guide will show you how to find book reviews within a specific topic. When you know the title of a book you want to look up, the other tab (for specific book titles) will be more helpful to you.

First, search for your topic on Articles+. This is a search for neutrino oscillations.

A search for neutrino oscillations in Articles+. We are at the main page before entering the results screen.

On the results screen, navigate to Content Type. Usually, most of the content types will be hidden under More…, so click on that to expand.

On the results screen, go to Content Type. Then, select "more," followed by Book Review. You need to Apply the changes before the results change.

You will see a long list of document types. Select Book Review, then click Apply (1) to apply the filter.

A screenshot of what it looks like before selecting the content type we want. Select Apply when done.

These are your results below. From here, you can further refine the results on the left, and you can also change your search. In Articles+, the filters won't reset themselves unless you tell them to.

The search results after looking for neutrino oscillations and narrowing down to book reviews.

If you want to explore what you can do with this search, please click here to go directly to the filtered search results for neutrino oscillations.

Let's say you're looking up a book title related to a paper in your class (or you just want to read something out of your subject area for fun). You've found some Amazon and Goodreads reviews on a popular science book, but you're wondering what people in the scientific community might be saying. How do you look up a specific book title in Articles+?

(Note: We will be using the main Articles+ interface, not the QuickSearch view.)

The best way to match a title for book reviews is not to use the Publication Title filter, though (located in the advanced search) — while reviewers will often include a book title in the title of their review, that's not always a guarantee. We will be using quotation marks to search for a book title as a phrase, in this case, Cosmological Koans.

The main Articles+ interface, searching for cosmological koans in quotation marks.

From the results screen, navigate to Content Type on the lefthand side. In this search, Book Review is visible — note that sometimes, you may have many types of content in the results, so Book Review may be hidden in a More… menu.

Search results for cosmological koans. Go to the lefthand side and select book reviews.

Once you have limited the results, you will usually see reviews related to the book you are interested in. Sometimes, for more common titles, you will want to modify your search. Changing this to "cosmological koans" AND Aguirre would remove many extraneous results.

The final results for book reviews for cosmological koans.

If you want to explore the search results on your own, please visit the Articles+ results page here.