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SML Study Carrel and Bass Library Locker Policies and Usage: Study Carrel Delivery

What is the Study Carrel Delivery service?

Would you like your books delivered directly to your study carrel instead of to a library hold shelf? Now you can place a request in Orbis, our online library catalog, and have your library materials delivered directly to your study carrel!

What are the benefits of this service?

  • You will be given a unique log in to request items to be delivered to your carrel. Newly delivered books will appear in your carrel within 2 business days (excludes recess periods and holidays.) You will not have to fill out charge slips for these materials; staff will charge materials to your carrel prior to delivery.
  • You will have access to a list of all of the items that are stored in your carrel.


If you are interested in learning more about this service, please contact We will direct you to the staff person that can assist you with carrel delivery instructions.

Requesting Delivery to your Study Carrel

You can place a request to have a book delivered to your study carrel through Orbis.  Each carrel is assigned a unique barcode; if you do not know what yours is, please contact Ask Yale Library at It will begin with “STL” and end with a series of numbers that are linked to your study carrel. You will use this barcode when you place a request for carrel delivery.


Placing a request for delivery to your carrel


1)      To place a request for delivery to your carrel, open the record for the item of interest in Orbis. Select “Request Recall or delivery,” listed under “Location.”




2)       On the following screen, instead of entering your netID and password, you will enter information in the “Visitor Field” on the bottom portion of the webpage. Enter the barcode we’ve provided in the “ID” field. Then enter “Carrel SML” under last name.  Select “Log In.”




3)   Select one of the following:



After you’ve logged in, you will see your carrel listed in the upper right-hand corner of the webpage. Please confirm that this is your carrel before continuing to request items.



4) Select Sterling Hold Shelf as your pickup location and renter your unique STL barcode number in the Visitor Barcode field. Then click “Submit.” 


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