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SML Study Carrel and Bass Library Locker Policies and Usage: SML Study Carrels

Carrel Eligibility and Requests for Assignment

Study carrels in the stacks in Sterling Memorial Library can be reserved by graduate students at any stage in the program. Reservations are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. To request a carrel, please contact Ask Yale Library at or visit the Privileges Office in Sterling Memorial Library during business hours.

Carrel assignments are available through the end of the academic year. If you are a carrel user, you will be sent an email before this assignment expires, allowing you to renew your carrel for the upcoming academic year. However, if you do not find yourself needing its space any longer before this date, please send an email to to notify the office of your vacancy.


Study Carrel Policies

Use of carrels

Carrels are available for use during all hours Sterling Memorial Library is open. Library hours are posted here.

Study carrels are for Yale graduate students and faculty members doing active research, as an alternative to carrying home loads of books.

Books are charged to your carrel instead of to your personal account. Access Services staff review materials in assigned carrels each week, charging new materials to your carrel and removing any materials that are no longer needed.

Please note, the following are not allowed in your carrel:

  • Borrow Direct books
  • Interlibrary Loan books
  • Non-circulating items
  • Reference books
  • Reserve materials
  • Yale Film Archive materials

If these items are found in your carrel, they will be removed and sent back to the lending library or reading room.

You may have up to two shelves to store your materials. Extra shelving will be removed. Any books that do not fit on your two allotted shelves will also be removed.

You must use your carrel actively.

Locked carrels are for faculty member use only. 

Failure to honor these policies may result in the loss of your carrel.


Keeping personal items in carrels

Carrels are intended for storage of library materials, not storage of personal belongings. If it is not being used for its intended purpose, you will be asked to relinquish your carrel.

Appliances are not permitted and will be removed immediately. 

The library is not responsible for personal items left in carrels.

Adding and Removing Books in Your Carrel

To charge books to your carrel

Please go to the SML Circulation desk and pick up carrel charge cards. Fill out one card for each book you want to store in your carrel and place it on the carrel shelf with the "To Be Charged" end sticking out of the top of the book. Sterling Circulation staff come to each floor twice weekly charging books to carrels.  These cards must remain in the books as long as they are kept in your carrel. If items are found without charge cards, you will be left a reminder as well as a date by which the card must be filled out. If items are still found without charge cards after this date, these items will be removed and sent back to their stacks without further notice. You may choose to fill out these cards right away when placing books on your shelf, to avoid this inconvenience.

To discharge books from your carrel

Simply turn the card upside down to display the "To Be Discharged" request. Staff will remove these materials accordinly.

To transfer books to and from your personal account

Carrel records are kept separate from your personal account. If you wish to put a book from your personal account into your carrel, you must have it discharged at the circulation desk before taking it up to your carrel. If you wish to take a book out of the library from your carrel, you will need to take the item to the circulation desk to have it charged to your personal account in order to remove it from the library.

Study Carrel

Study Carrel