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Geographic Information Systems at Yale: Getting Started with GIS

Geographic Information Systems at Yale University encompasses a range of spatial applications and services. GIS is used by many disciplines at Yale University.

Yale Map Department GIS Software Installation Guides

This guide is intended to help standardize GIS Software installations on managed and faculty/staff/student computers across campus.  If you have questions, or would like to see an application added to the suggested GIS software configuration, please send an e-mail to the CSSSI GIS team at

GIS Instructional Materials

To request ESRI Virtual Campus Access Codes, email the GIS team at the CSSSI with a list of up to three (3) course titles from the following page.  Codes can ONLY be released to a valid Yale University ( email address.

GIS at Yale University

GIS is used for many purposes that range from calculating space, analyzing spatial relationships, patterns or trends, to cartography, visualization, and site management. At Yale, researchers from all disciplines embark in projects that require geospatial technologies to answer important questions, and support learning and collaborative research initiatives. 

The Center for Science and Social Science Information (CSSSI) GIS Services at Yale offer a suite of services and support for all geospatial endeavors on campus and while conducting field work.

Our GIS Team includes a group of enthusiastic consultants who can work with you to integrate GIS into your various projects and learning activities. From basic to complex challenges, our consultants work tireless on a daily basis to find answers that may support your innovative methodologies.  

Meet our GIS Team

For GIS support, please contact the GIS team at

ESRI's GIS Bibliography

This bibliography covers the literature of geographic information systems, science, and technology. It indexes journals, conference proceedings, books, and reports from the origins of GIS to the present. There are currently 116,670 entries in the Esri GIS Bibliography.

Sign up for the Yale GIS-L Mailing List!

Stay informed about GIS related events, announcements and issues.  We use this list to keep the Yale GIS User Community informed about everything from GIS Workshops to License Server maintenance events.

GIS and Maps Contacts

For assistance with GIS data or software, please contact the GIS team at the CSSSI at

For assistance with paper maps from the Map Department, please contact

GIS Consultations

Miriam Olivares, GISP
GIS Librarian
Center for Science and Social Science Information
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