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Geographic Information Systems at Yale: The Yale GIS Workshops

Geographic Information Systems at Yale University encompasses a range of spatial applications and services. GIS is used by many disciplines at Yale University.

Yale GIS Workshop Videos

These series of videos were created from live GIS workshops offered by the Yale GIS team. Videos and data are available for Yale members with their NetID authentication. If you have any questions, please e-mail us to

  • Intro to GIS: ArcGIS​ (Closed Captions)
    Video (2:15 hrs) | Data
  • Intro to GIS: QGIS (Closed Captions)
    ​Video (58:53 mins) | Data
  • Intermediate GIS: ArcGIS​ (Closed Captions)
    Video (2:44 hrs) | Data
  • Intermediate GIS: QGIS ( (Closed Captions)​
    Video (59:11 mins) 

Virtual GIS Training

Yale members can join Esri training platform for free access to hundreds of virtual GIS training

  1. Login into Yale University ArcGIS Online.
  2. Display the drop-down menu under your username (top right), and click on "Training."
  3. Once you get access to the Esri training platform, you may browse their virtual course catalog
Esri training curated by Yale's GIS Librarian

New to GIS? This list of virtual Esri training will help get you started.

Note: The instructor-led training sessions require a fee. Yale members can get a discounted price.

Selected Tutorials

These are selected GIS Tutorial and Course sites that provide excellent comprehensive instructional materials for those interested in refining their GIS skills.

GIS Workshops & Consultations