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Data & eScience Group: Home

A discussion group at Yale for issues relating to data, science, and research support across disciplines.

DaEG overview

DaEG is a discussion group and community of practice concerned with data curation, management, sharing, publication, citation, and the services and infrastructures surrounding these activities at Yale and at universities and data centers around the world.

The meeting structure varies depending on the month, but meetings are one hour long and follow a basic agenda:

40 minutes: Article discussion or presentation + Q&A
15 minutes: Conference updates
5 minutes: Closing question round-robin before the meeting ends

In 2016, the meetings will be from 10-11 AM in 17 Hillhouse Room 110. This is the general plan for the meeting days:

April 28 (presentation)
May 26 (article)
June 30 (article)
July 28 (presentation)
August 25 (presentation)
September 29 (article)
October 27 (presentation)
November 17 (presentation)
December 22 (article)

Contact Info

The current (unofficial) organizer of DaEG is Kayleigh Bohémier (email). She can answer questions about the group.

Join the mailing list here to be informed of upcoming readings and meetings:

For information about research data management, please contact our Data Librarian, Michelle Hudson (email). The Research Data Consultation Group (RDCG) is also available for consultation on the form on their web site:

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