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Geographic Information Systems at Yale: Getting Started with GIS

Geographic Information Systems at Yale University encompasses a range of spatial applications and services. GIS is used by many disciplines at Yale University.

GIS Support Services at Yale University

GIS is used for many purposes that range from calculating space, analyzing spatial relationships, patterns or trends, to cartography, visualization, and site management. At Yale, researchers from all disciplines embark in projects that require geospatial technologies to answer important questions and support learning and collaborative research initiatives. 

The Marx Science and Social Science Library (Marx Library) GIS Services at Yale offer a suite of services and support for all geospatial endeavors on campus and while conducting fieldwork.

Esri Virtual GIS Training

Yale members can join Esri training platform for free access to hundreds of virtual GIS training

  1. Login into Yale University ArcGIS Online.
  2. Display the drop-down menu under your username (top right), and click on "Training."
  3. Once you get access to the Esri training platform, you may browse their virtual course catalog
Esri training curated by Yale's GIS Librarian

New to GIS? This list of virtual Esri training will help get you started.

Note: The instructor-led training sessions require a fee. Yale members can get a discounted price.

Sign up for the Yale GIS-L Mailing List!

Stay informed about GIS-related events, announcements, and software issues.  We use this list to keep the Yale GIS User Community informed about everything from GIS workshops to software license maintenance events.

GIS Consultations

Our GIS team includes a group of enthusiastic consultants who can work with you to integrate GIS into your various projects and learning activities. Some of the aspects that you can discuss during your consultation are:

  • GIS Support Services for all disciplines, assisting from individual research to long-term team project planning
  • Strategies to plan your spatiotemporal work ahead
  • An overview of the tools and techniques used to map raster and vector datasets, using both open source and Esri software
  • Complex spatiotemporal data analyses and modeling


MyApps Yale GIS: Remote Access to GIS Desktop

June 01, 2020
The ITS Public Computing group has worked tirelessly, and now Yale students and faculty can access GIS software, via MyApps Yale GIS, including Esri ArcGIS for Desktop (ArcMap), ArcGIS Pro, QGIS, Google Earth Pro, and GeoDa.

  • MyApps Yale GIS is a comprehensive desktop and app virtualization service that provides access to a Windows-based environment containing Yale licensed software from both personal and Yale-owned devices.
  • Access to MyApps Yale GIS service will use multi-factor authentication (MFA) via DUO. 
  • Starting June 01, 2020, the MyApps at Yale Citrix environment is no longer be available. This change does not apply to MyApps at YNHHS.
  • It offers a full Windows 10 desktop. The desktop includes Yale licensed software that is currently available in the Public Clusters (for students) or software specific to departmental needs. 

Note: All students with an active Yale email address are licensed to access the MyApps Yale GIS service via their personal devices.


Will I be able to save personal files on the virtual desktop?
The virtual desktop allows access to software available on the Public Clusters (students), or for specific use by teams or departments at Yale. Personal files should only be saved to a cloud drive, such as OneDrive, or to a network share.

Will I be able to add software to the virtual desktop?
You can customize your view of the virtual desktop, but software downloads/additions are not permitted. If you or your group have a specific need for software on the virtual desktop, please reach out to your professor, proctor, or manager.

Need help?

For additional assistance, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 203-432-9000 or visit our website to view answers to trending questions, search how-to articles, start a chat, or report a problem. You may also contact your local IT support provider.

Public Computer Labs with GIS Software

Yale University offers hundreds of public computers that are located throughout campus and are intended for use by members of the Yale community. These computers have a common software image to provide ample access to academic programs and software needed for classes.

Regarding GIS software, this is not a complete list but includes locations where the GIS software has been installed. You may find one or a combination of the Esri ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap) and ArcGIS Pro, Google Earth Pro, and/or QGIS:



  • Dunham Laboratory, Room 120 | 10 Hillhouse Avenue | Map
  • 17 Hillhouse, Room 07 and room 111 | Map
  • Rosenkranz, Room 01 | 115 Prospect Street | Map




  • Residential Colleges Citrix Computers


GIS Inquiries

For assistance with GIS data or software, please contact the GIS team at

For more complex questions, we encourage you to schedule a GIS consultation.

Map Inquiries

For assistance with scanned or paper maps from the Map Collection, please contact

GIS Librarian

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Miriam Olivares
GIS Librarian
Marx Science & Social Science Library