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Getting Started with Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS): How to Search

Three ways to search in WRDS

  1. ​Browser-based access using the web query
  2. Command-line access in a Unix environment
  3. Interactive applications: Use a statistical program like PC CAS, Matlab, or STATA

More information is available at be logged in with a WRDS account to access this page. 

How to Search: Web Queries

The WRDS web offers a common interface and consistent data format across all databases or datasets.

  • Start by selecting a database, then narrow down to the desired dataset.
  • Choose your data
  • Chose your date range
  • Select your company codes or tickers. Code lists can be imported or saved on the WRDS platform. 
  • Select your query variables
  • Select your query output type

When you submit a query, it runs on WRDS servers, and your results will be made available for you to download when it is complete.  

Detailed, step-by-step directions are available at Must be logged in with a WRDS account to access this page. 


Other Documentation

Available once logged into a WRDS account:

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