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Yale School of Nursing Library Orientation: For PhD students

Tips and Tricks for getting started with the Harvey Cushing/John Hay Whitney Medical Library services and resources.

During your coursework

In your first two years, you'll use resources library resources like online journals and books for your coursework and research projects.

You can use a citation manager to organize all the research you read, and alerts or saved searches to keep you up to date with developments in the literature.

You can analyze citation or collaboration patterns to identify key scholars in your discipline. All this sets you up for success in your prospectus.

As a teacher and teaching assistant

Do you want to teach your students about literature reviews, critical appraisal of scholarly and grey literature, or best practices for citation? Librarians can visit your class/section or help you design a literature-focused assignment. 

The Cushing/Whitney Medical Library Course Reserves service can connect students to their assigned readings right inside Canvas. 

Interested in public health pedagogy and Open Educational Resources? Let's do a literature search together for relevant materials.

During your dissertation

While you're researching and writing your dissertation, you can come to the Research Data Consultation Group for advice on managing, preserving, describing, and perhaps even publishing your data.

If your work involves high-throughput data analysis, consult with bioinformatics librarian Rolando Garcia-Milian.

If you want to write a data management plan, consult with biomedical data librarian Kaitlin Throgmorton

If you want to discuss using GIS (mapping), consult with Miriam Olivares or the GIS team

And of course, you'll continue to use scholarly literature and your citation management software. 

Help build our collection

Have you come across journals, books, databases, datasets, software, or online services that the library should provide to the whole Yale community? Tell your librarian Janene Batten about it, and Cushing/Whitney Medical Library will investigate purchasing or licensing that resource.

Getting ready for your next step

Whether you're staying in academia or moving to industry, publications in peer-reviewed journals will put you in a great position. Nursing Librarian, Janene Batten, can help you maximize your research impact by choosing which journal to submit to, setting up an ORCID for name disambiguation, or identifying evidence of non-traditional research impact, like open data, shared code, and altmetrics. 

When the time comes for applications and interviews, you can research the organizations where you're applying (including firms as well as schools, NGOs, and non-profits).