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ANTH541a/FES80054a/HIST965a/PLSC779a Agrarian Societies: Anthropology/Archaeology

About this page

This page will cover Anthropology and Archaeology resources available through the Yale Library. A combination of primary and secondary sources are included, and both historical and contemporary perspectives are considered. 

Secondary Sources

Tips for Finding Ethnographies

You may want to consult an ethnography or ethnology for your research. An ethnography focuses on one distinct group of people, whereas an ethnology compares multiple cultures. These can be found through Yale Library's Quicksearch Here are some tips:

  • Try searching Ethnography OR Ethnology AND Paraguay [for example]
  • For specific North and South American peoples, search for [tribal name] AND Indians: ex. Mohegan Indians
  • For non-American peoples, include the continent in your search: ex. Bantu AND Africa. Keep in mind that many tribes may have multiple spellings of their names

Primary Sources

Anthropology Librarian

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Jennifer Snow