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ENGL 250 / ENGL 774: Romanticism and Anti-Romanticism: Citing Your Sources

This guide is intended for students in Professor Leslie Brisman's ENGL 250 / ENGL 774 course and highlights Yale Library resources that students in the course may find particularly useful in their work.

Citation Style Guides

Here are some resources for MLA (Modern Language Association) Style:

Here is a link to the Chicago Manual of Style Online:

In addition, the Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab) offers helpful overviews of MLA and other citation styles. Here is the link to the overview of the MLA Style.

Reference and Citation Workshops

Every semester, on an on-going basis, the Yale Library offers several literature review and bibliography workshops, as well as workshops dedicated to using different citation management programs like RefWorks and Zotero and workshops dedicated to learning how to avoid plagiarism. You can find a list of workshops offered here.


Citation Management Tools

The Yale Software Library offers a number of licensed reference management programs that can be used by the community. Perhaps the most popular is RefWorks.

Zotero is another popular option and is freely available online.

For more information and an overview of several of the resources that are available, consult our citation management guide.

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