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Life Scientists' and Physical Scientists' Manuscript Papers in Yale Libraries: Other Collected Science Biographies

This guide identifies Yale and non-Yale scientists whose manuscript papers are held in Yale Libraries along with a biographical note on each.

Other Collected Science Biographes

The Life Scientific Explorers by Anna Buckley with foreword by Jim Al-Khalili. c2018 20 profiles, living male and female scientists, physical and life sciences, black and white portraits. Marx Library Q141 B83 2018 (LC)

African Americans in Science and Technology, c2005 Science Reference Services, from Denise P. Dempsey,  Library of Congress, Science, Technology & Business Division

Blazing the Trail: essays by leading women in science. c2013. 35 essays by women scientists including some at Yale. Marx Library Q130 B57 2013 (LC)

International Encyclopedia of Women Scientists. c2002. Indexes by country and by field. Some portraits. Narratives on 500 women scientists from B.C. times up through practicing scientists. Some entries in this work are not found in Ogilvie and Harvey's Biographical Dictionary of Women in Science (Routledge, 2000). Marx Library Q41 O27X 2002 (LC)+ Oversize, SML, Stacks, LC Classification Q141 27X 2001+ Oversize

Biographical Dictionary of Women in Science: pioneering lives from ancient times to the mid-20th century. c2000. 2500 women scientists from a wide range of fields including engineering, medicine, botany, zoology, anthropology and from a variety of countries (including Austria, Britain, Canada, France, the U.S., Holland, Poland, Italy, Ireland, Romania, Russia). Expands upon the 1986 Women in Science, antiquity through the nineteenth century by Marilyn Ogilvie. List of standard sources consulted is given.  Index by field/years/country Marx Library Q141 B52825X 2000+ Oversize, Medical/Historical Library Reference Hist Ref 13 Q141 B5285 2000+ Oversize.

Ladies in the Laboratory: American and British Women in Science, 1800-1900: a survey of their contributions to research. c1998. Biographical information is presented in chapter form with a name index. SML, Stacks, LC Classification Q141 C69X 1998+ Oversize, Medical/Historical Library stacks Hist Q141 C69 1998+ Oversize

Ladies in the Laboratory II: West European Women in Science. c2004. Medical/Historical Library, Stacks Coll Biog C693 2004+ Oversize, SML, Stacks, LC Classification Q141 C693X 2004+ Oversize

Ladies in the Laboratory III: South African, Australian, New Zealand, and Canadian Women in Science: nineteenth and early twentieth centuries: a survey of their contributions. c2010. SML, Stacks, LC Classification Q141 C6933X 2010 Oversize

Notable Women in the Life Sciences: a biographical dictionary. c1996 Nearly 100 women scientists throughout time who have made significant contributions to the life sciences. Good level of detail, bibliographies, some photos, some information not quickly found elsewhere. Marx Library QH26 N68X 1996, Medical/Historical Library Reference Hist Ref 13 QH26 N68 1996, LSF

Notable Women in the Physical Sciences: a biographical dictionary. c1997. Emphasis is on 20-th century fields of astronomy, astrophysics, biochemistry, chemistry, crystallography, physics, and related fields; 70 women scientists. Provides more details,  photos, and some references not easily found elsewhere. Marx Library QH26 N68X 1997, LSF

Women in Ichthyology: an anthology in honor of ET, Ro, and Genie. c1994. Marx Library QL615 W62X 1994

A to Z of Women in Science and Math. c2008. Marx Library Q141 Y675X 2008 (LC) SML, Stacks, LC Classification Q141 Y675X 1999

American Women Afield: writings by pioneering women naturalists. c1995. The writings of 25 women naturalists are highlighted, excerpted, and described. Some photos. LSF

Black Women Scientists in the United States. c1999. 104 biographies, citings of publications and presentations, some photos. Dates and years are not consistently provided.  Essays vary in length. LSF Q141 W367X 1999 (LC)

Distinguished African American Scientists of the 20th Century. c1996. 100 persons are portrayed, with photos of each. Marx Library Reference Q141 P535X 1996, Medical/Historical Library, Reference Hist Ref 13 Q141 K455 1996

Blacks in Science and Medicine. c1990. Compiles entries on American black men and women scientists or physicians from a number of books and several journals. An index by profession is provided. LSF Q141 B58 1990, Medical/Historical Library, Reference Hist Ref 13 Q141 B58 1990+ Oversize

Eurekas and Euphorias: The Oxford Book of Scientific Anecdotes. c2002 by Walter Gratzer. The Name Index includes over 500 scientists, male and female. Sources given. Marx Library Q167 G73 2002 (LC)



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